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I did a few years of ancient Greek at school. I remember the book, which had on its cover a picture of the Meteora, the amazing rock formations with centuries-old monasteries perched on top. I think I spent more time staring at the cover, dreaming of visiting this  magical place and wondering where it was, than studying the grammar rules explained in the book. Well, in Thessaly, that is where the Meteora are. The monasteries alone I believe merit a journey to Thessaly (no matter where you come from), but there’s more: glorious nature, spectacular mountains, lakes and of course the Pelion peninsula with its forested mountain slopes, gorgeous traditional villages and great beaches. You will find some of the best things Greece has to offer in Thessaly, and yet, only a very small percentage of the people who visit Greece make it here. You might want to be part of that small percentage.

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