Holidays and hotels in Sifnos

A bit off the beaten track, the island of Sifnos features beautiful bays and a relatively green (capers abound) and hilly landscape, topped by pretty, whitewashed villages. The island is not especially famous for its beaches (though the south coast features several nice ones), but that is actually not such a bad thing. It keeps the crowds of summer tourists away. There is no airport on the island (so no package deal tourism) and there are no ferry connections with the more popular islands (and so not too many island hoppers either). There are nice hotels though, and Sifnos attracts its own pleasant little crowd of regulars who appreciate the relative quiet of the island, its beautiful architecture and its traditional aspects, as well as the excellent food it is famous for. (Don’t leave the island without having tried the chickpea soup and the chickpea fritters (revithokeftedes)


What to see and do on Sifnos

If your time on Sifnos is limited the best places to visit are Apollonia, the picturesque, centuries-old capital in the centre of the island, adjacent Artemonas and the Venetian village of Kastro on the east coast, as well as the bays of Platys Gialos (the best beach on the island) and Vathi. Make sure to visit some of the pottery and ceramics workshops (you find them all over the island – it’s the other specialty of Sifnos). Each workshop has its own style and you can find some amazing pieces. I eat my cereals and salads from bowls I bought (directly from the workshops) on Sifnos.


Walking holidays on Sifnos

The villages of Sifnos are linked by beautiful centuries-old stone paths and walking trails. If you have the time, this is the best way to explore the island. There are endless possibilities for walks and hikes, but you may want to start with one of the eight that were recently signposted in cooperation with Terrain maps. Start early in the morning if you do it during the summer, or come for off-season vacations when the weather is not too hot. April and May, when the island is full of flowers, are probably the best months.

Small hotels and other special places to stay in Sifnos