Holidays in Samos

I can’t really explain why, after I moved to Greece, it took me 14 years to visit the island of Samos. When I finally did, it was a revelation. Mountainous, wild and green, I absolutely loved it. There are a few ‘typical’ tourist developments on its coast, some larger hotels and holiday resorts, but nothing too intrusive. Most of the coastline of Samos is unspoiled and stunning, with mountain slopes plunging into unbelievable turquoise waters and beautiful pebble beaches scattered all around (as well as a few sandy ones).


The villages, beaches and landscape of Samos

On the south-facing coast of Samos I visited Pythagorio, a pretty and lively village, with however a few too many tourists to my taste. On the north coast, I didn’t make it to the island’s capital (Vathy) and only passed through Kokkari (fairly touristy) and Karlovasi (a town about as big as Vathy with a bit of everything). But I was charmed immensely by the smaller settlements (tiny fishing hamlets on the coast, peaceful little villages inland…), the pebble beaches (there is something about the colour of the water, you simply have to jump in!) and the beauty of the lush and varied landscape. My stay was too short to take it all in and explore everything, and I hope to go back to this beautiful island soon!

Small hotels and other special places to stay in Samos