Milos, the best island for beach holidays

Milos is a great island for beach holidays. I counted almost 50 beaches on the map of Milos, but I’ve been told there are around 70. And the thing is, they are amazing. Many are (white) sandy; others have little stones or pebbles, with turquoise and emerald green lagoon-like sea to swim in. Sarakiniko, with its white volcanic rock formation, is the most famous spot on the island. It tends to get crowded, but it is a must-see (and experience…). There are plenty of beaches that are easy to reach – some are organised with sun beds and umbrellas (these get busy in August) – for others you have to walk or in a few cases even climb a bit. Because the variety between the beaches is so large, I’d really say rent a car and explore as many as you can, but you should also make a day excursion by boat (many leave from Pollonia), to see some beaches that can only be reached from the sea as well as caves and fantastic rock formations.


The villages of Milos

Most activity (shops, accommodation, nightlife) is in the port, Adamas, which, however, is not the most attractive village on the island. The hilltop ‘capital’ of Milos, Plaka, has a lot more charm. It’s a typical Cycladic whitewashed traditional village, with narrow lanes, colourful flowerpots, cute little courtyard and of course a little community of wandering cats. It is not seriously developed for tourism but you’ll find some places to eat or drink as well as some little shops. There are also several fishing villages worth visiting. Pollonia offers most in terms of restaurants (and small hotels and accommodation), but you should also definitely go for a Greek coffee or a little ouzo in one of the tiny fishing hamlets (Klima, Areti, Mandrakia…) consisting of just a row of houses built right on the water, with boat ‘garages’ in front.

The landscape of Milos is quite fascinating. It is a volcanic island, which was formed through successive volcanic deposits. As a result, it has unique shapes and colours. The downside is that there’s lots of open-pit mining on the island, with trucks coming and going, but the sight of vividly coloured layers of minerals the mines have exposed, is somewhat of an attraction in itself.

Small hotels and other special places to stay in Milos