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Greece’s two most northern regions, Macedonia and Thrace, make a beautiful holiday destination if you want to be away from the crowds, stay in charming small hotels, and discover some of the lesser-known (but not less beautiful!) corners of Greece. Of course, large parts of the coastline are developed to cater to tourism with anything from budget holiday accommodation to luxury resort hotels (no surprise, given the quality of the beaches, especially in Chalkidiki), but most of Macedonia and Thrace is definitely off the beaten tourist track, while having so much to offer. Lakes, mountains, traditional villages, lively towns, small ski resorts, monasteries, archaeological sites, there is so much to explore.


The best of Macedonia and Thrace

There is so much to explore in Macedonia and Thrace. I am naming a few of the highlights, but take it from me – this listing is far from exhaustive! The two Prespes Lakes in the most north-eastern point of Greece; Mount Olympus, the country’s highest; the amazing underground museum near Vergina with the graves of Macedonian kings; the wine routes of Naoussa; the waterfalls of Edessa; the virgin forests of Rhodopi; the bear sanctuary and the incredibly pretty village of Nymphaio; Lake Kerkini near the Bulgarian border; the historical mansions in Kastoria, Florina and Siatista; the bird sanctuary of Dadia; the national park of the Pindos Mountains; the ski resorts of Vasilitsa, Kaimaktsalan, Pigaderi and Falakro, to name just a few; and of course the cosmopolitan city of Thessaloniki.

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