Holidays on Kimolos

Kimolos is one of the lesser-known Cyclades one for the insiders. It is a laid-back little island that is great for relaxed summer holidays in Greece, especially if it the pure Cycladic dream is what you are after. The simple little things make this island so attractive. The tiny port with its sandy beach and a few beachside tavernas. The main village, the chora, with whitewashed little houses, potted flowers on doorsteps and windowsills, kittens playing in the narrow alleyways, churches and tiny chapels. The mellow atmosphere. The beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. Budget rooms to let, some pensions, and a very charming little hotel.


The best beaches of Kimolos

There are some really great beaches on the island. Prassa (also referred to as Agios Georgios) is knows as the best beach of Kimolos: it has white sand and shallow turquoise waters, and it is absolutely gorgeous, though it bothers me that cars can park very close to it. It is about 5 km from the Chora and the main port, so unless you don’t mind a good walk, you need a car (or moped…) to get there. It has some umbrellas and does tend to get busy in the summer. Aliki, a 1 km long beach with sand and small stones, is also among the most popular beaches on Kimolos, as it is easiest to reach from the main port. A bit further you will find Kalamitsi, another beautiful sandy beach. In total there are at least ten beautiful beaches on Kimolos, so plenty of choice if you spend some time on the island.

Small hotels and other special places to stay in Kimolos