Greece off the beaten track, discover Kavala

Northern Greece has many beautiful areas that, despite gorgeous nature, fantastic beaches, a peaceful countryside, archaeological sites, historical towns and traditional villages, have barely registered on the tourist radar.

The beaches of Kavala

The province of Kavala is a good example of this. It has a coast lined with beautiful beaches, among the best in Greece. Most have soft sand and shallow turquoise waters, absolutely perfect if you travel with young children. Many are ‘organised’ sun beds and umbrellas, so shade is no issue, but you can also find wonderful ‘wild’ beaches and coves.

Outdoor activities in Kavala

Move away from the coast, and you find yourself in a hilly and mountainous countryside, nice to drive through, even better to explore on foot. Forests and mountains are beautiful for hiking. In the northeast of the province, the Nestos Rivier is great for canoeing and rafting.

The town of Kavala

The city of Kavala also has quite a few things going for it. The picturesque, old Turkish quarters crowned by a Byzantine Kastro and the impressive 16th century aqueduct are definitely worth exploring. You will also enjoy strolling around the charming fishing harbour and the promenade by the sea with terraces lining the waterfront.

The archaeological site of Philippi

Only about 15 km from the town, the ancient city and theatre of Philippi are worth a visit. During July and August, during the Philippi Festival there are concerts and theatre performances. The plays are in Greek but even if you don’t understand the language, it is still an amazing experience to see a classical play performed an ancient theatre.

Small hotels and other special places to stay in Kavala