Evia, the second largest island in Greece. 

Greece’s second biggest island, Evia, is one of its most beautiful, and also one of the least discovered by tourists. There are some coastal resorts with larger hotels – none particularly attractive (generally, appealing architecture is not what Evia is best known for), but most of this mountainous island has remained blissfully wild and unexploited.

Weekends and holidays in Evia

Evia has a long and narrow shape, and runs parallel to the east coast of the Greek mainland, and there are different places where you can cross. The capital, Chalkida, lies roughly halfway through the island, and is connected to the mainland by a 700 metres long suspension bridge. Many Athenians have weekend/holiday homes in the area east of Chalkida, which has become rather built-up. The southern part of the island is wild and undeveloped, and relatively dry. If you don’t mind driving on dirt roads, you can get to some amazing beaches.

The best of Evia

The middle and northern parts of Evia are green, lush and mountainous, with a beautiful coast. You can make wonderful walks through forests, hills and mountains, follow streams and discover waterfalls, or relax by the sea and have lunch in little seaside villages (Limni is particularly attractive). Don’t miss Edipsos in the north, a small, kind of old-fashioned town, famous for its hot mineral springs.

Small hotels and other special places to stay in Evia