Holidays in Epirus, Greece

I have travelled Epirus in the northeast of Greece in all seasons, and I love it as a year-round holiday destination. In the east there are the Pindus Mountains with exhilarating rock formations, deep gorges, wild rivers, peaceful mountain lakes, traditional stone-built villages and arched bridges. To the west, the Ionian coastline has sandy beaches, small coves, laid-back fishing villages, summer resorts and marinas. There are towns worth visiting, as well monasteries, archaeological sites and medieval castles. Stroll by the lake of the Ioannina, and discover the traditional silversmiths and the medieval kastro of this University town. Take the new Egnatia highway to Metsovo to visit wineries and shop for handmade crafts. Explore the Zagorohoria and make sure you stay for a few days. Walk in the mountains and cross the Vikos Gorge, and if you’re into outdoor action, there’s rafting, base-jumping, rock climbing and kayaking. Warm yourself by the open fire in a cosy restaurant after a walking in the mountains in the winter, or come around the 15th of August to join the dancing on the village squares.

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