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Which of the Cycladic islands is my favourite? That is the question anyone who has been on more than one of the Cyclades starts asking oneself. At first sight, the islands may all look rather alike: rough, barren, often mountainous, landscapes dotted with whitewashed villages and small churches; rocky shorelines punctuated by beaches, and skies that, somehow, manage to be of a deeper blue than anywhere else in the world. Those are the Cyclades you know from the postcards. Beautiful, stunning, seducing…

But stay for more than a day or two on any of the Cyclades and discover a more profound beauty, one that lies in the uniqueness of each individual island. Because beneath that surface of picture-perfect white and blue, you will discover that of each and every one of them has its own personality. Some you probably know: Mykonos party island and shamelessly romantic Santorini. Two islands where you can stay in luxury hotels and eat in gourmet restaurants. One with excellent beaches (Mykonos), the other famous for its Caldera villages and perfect sunsets (Santorini). But of course, there are so many others worth exploring. Naxos (great for family holidays), Folegandros (the smaller and more laid-back version of Santorini), Syros (with the beautiful capital Ermoupolis), Sifnos (famous for its food and ceramic’s workshops), Milos (with some of the best beaches in Greece), Paros (the Cycladic all-rounder), Andros (the most unspoiled of the lot), and the list goes on.

Oh, and my favourite Cycladic island? That would be Serifos, the island love-of-my-life where I spend my summers.

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