Holidays and hotels in Andros

Only two hours by ferry from the port of Rafina (which is 18 km from the Athens International Airport), Andros is the second largest of the Cycladic islands (after Naxos), and also one of its greenest while least touched by tourism. Batsi, a seaside village eight km from Gavrio, the main port, is the only place with some facilities for holiday makers (hotels and a bit of nightlife), but the rest of the island has remained exactly how its inhabitants like it: calm, unspoiled and beautiful.

The rocky coastline of Andros is dotted with beautiful beaches (some easier to reach than others), while inland, tiny traditional villages nestle on hillsides covered with greenery. The elegant capital, the Chora, is home (or second home) to many ship owners, and stands out for its stately mansions. During the summer, its main (pedestrian) street brims with life, but in general, it’s a quiet sort of place.

I don’t recommend Andros as a holiday destination if you are looking for the package of whitewashed villages, organised beaches and nightlife (there are plenty of other Greek islands where you can find that), but if you appreciate natural beauty, quiet and authenticity, and if you love going around (you need a car), walking, exploring wild beaches and eating in kind of low-key traditional places, you will find Andros is the perfect island.

Small hotels and other special places to stay in Andros