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Writing books about small hotels in Greece?

I have to admit that the idea did not come to me from the start. It was after spending many weekends in great and not so great small hotels that it slowly dawned on me that my experiences could actually be the basis for a book that could eventually even be helpful to people. It was a long and arduous process, not least of which was finding a publisher who actually thought that this was a worthwhile project.

Great Small Hotels in Greece

I eventually did, however, and my first book (Great Small Hotels in Greece) was published in December 2002 and proceeded to sell nearly 20.000 copies, proving that the market was definitely there and there were many people looking for exactly the same places as I was.

Around Greece in 80 Stays

Later on I decided to team up with a great photographer, fellow Dutch André Bakker, to produce a second book (Around Greece in 80 Stays) in March 2006. While the first book put its emphasis on discovery, the second focussed more on bringing out the beauty of the selected places and the stories of the people behind them.

Jacoline’s Small Hotels in Greece

Then, there was this website, which kept me busy for a few years, but eventually, after receiving lots of emails with questions about ‘the new book’, I decided to go for it again. Another year with lots of travelling, fantastic discoveries, and so much choice! Published in June 2013, “Jacoline’s Small Hotels in Greece” features 222 wonderful little places to stay. Greek photographer Julia Klimi was crazy enough to say ‘yes’ to this project and take care of most of the photography.


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To order your copy of “Μοναδικά Μικρά Ξενοδοχεία στην Ελλάδα”, click here. (not available currently)

Published in 2013 by Papasotiriou Publishing

Pages: 312

Illustrations: 618 colour photographs, 8 maps

Dimensions: 20 x 22 cm

Text: © Jacoline Vinke

Photography: © Julia Klimi, Michèle Witteveen et al.

Design: Olga Kodoni

Text editing: Paul Johnston

Maps: © TERRAIN Editions S.A.

Map processing: Fotis Reppas

ISBN: 978-960-491-078-6

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