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Travelling in Greece

This website is the result of a long journey which started when I moved to Greece with my husband and two young children. I am originally from the Netherlands and, in a ‘previous’ life, I used to be a (somewhat frustrated!) economist working for international organisations in Paris.

When in 1998 we came to live in Athens, we started taking every opportunity to hit the road (or sea) and explore different parts of the country. Some (lucky) times we stayed in wonderful hotels, but we also spent a few too many nights in absolutely dreadful ones. Finding the perfect little place to stay became sort of a hobby, which developed into something more when I started writing about them.


My books about small hotels in Greece

In 2002, I published the guidebook “Great Small Hotels in Greece”. Four years later my second book came out: “Around Greece in 80 Stays”, a coffee table-cum-guidebook I made together with photographer André Bakker. My most recent book “Jacoline’s Small Hotels in Greece“, featuring 222 small hotels all over Greece, with photography by Julia Klimi, Michèle Witteveen and a few others, was published in June 2013.


And a website about truly special places to stay in Greece

This website is here to complement my books. You will find additional pictures and (continuously) updated information about many of the hotels and guesthouses that feature in my books, as well as presentations of newly found places to stay. I still regularly travel around in Greece, and discover newly opened great small hotels, inns and guesthouses as I go along. Thanks to this site, I won’t have to wait until my next book comes out to share these with you.

Once more, it goes without saying that I have visited each hotel and guesthouse featuring on this website personally. I have stayed in almost all of them. At the very few places where I did not spend the night, I did spend the day, trying breakfast, checking the rooms, feeling the atmosphere, etc.

My search for wonderful small hotels, guesthouses and other kinds of nice places to stay in Greece continues, and if you know of any place you think I should go and try out, please do tell me about it! And if you want to be the first to know about my travels and new discoveries, visit and “like” my page on Facebook.


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