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Holidays in Greece 

I get a lot of emails from people asking for ideas for their holidays in Greece. Where should they go in Greece; which islands do I think would be best for them; which parts of the Greek mainland they should see; and where should they stay? Some want to travel around in Greece and see as many places as possible, others simply are looking for the perfect hotel on the perfect Greek island. There are families with teenage children, honeymooners, couples travelling with a baby… Some are looking for the most affordable accommodation; some have luxury villa holidays in mind; most are simply dreaming of a charming small hotel or bed and breakfast. Many of the people who write to me have been to Greece before but would like suggestions for new places and island to visit, but for some it is their first time in the country.


Choosing where to go in Greece  

I can understand how difficult it can be to decide where to go in Greece. The islands are all so amazing, and the Greek mainland has so many fascinating historical towns, mountains, traditional villages, archaeological sites and natural beauty. If you only have a couple of weeks’ holidays, or less even, how should you choose? There is an easy answer to this question: as long as you stay away from the resorts that have been developed to cater to package deal tourism (you won’t find them on this site), you are bound to end up in places you will definitely like. But if you do a bit of further research, you will end up in a place you will love.