A Few Things About Greece


Preparing for your holidays in Greece

Preparing for your holidays in Greece is fun and easy. The warm hospitality of the Greek people, the easy-going atmosphere, the increasingly well-organized transport system and the fact that you will find pretty much everything you may forget to bring in the shops, make packing and organizing a piece of cake. If you come for summer holidays in Greece, I tend to say bring your favourite pieces of clothing (keep it light, but do bring something a little warmer for the evening – you may need it once or twice), your favourite book and pareo (the ideal beach accessory, or buy one on the spot), a hat, a pair of flip-flops and walking shoes, and you are pretty much set. No need for vaccinations. No need to carry sunscreen and insect repellents – you can find them all on the spot. If you come for off-season vacations to Greece, bring warmer clothes, especially if you go to the mountains. Greek winters tend to come with blue skies and nice crisp weather, but it can sometimes be cold. There are days with heavy rainfall (but you never get that northern European endless gray and drizzle) and periods with snow.

A few bits and pieces of information about Greece 

Here are a few pages with bits and pieces of information about Greece that may be useful to read if you don’t know the country all that well (yet). I hope they will help you get a better idea of Greek people and their customs and traditions, find your way around and drive in Greece knowing what to expect on the road, taste some of the best of Greek food and wine, and find lots of things to do during your holidays in Greece.

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